7 Softball Pitching Drills for Warming Up

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The video is about pitching drills that can help players warm up and get ready for a practice or a game.

The coach starts by emphasizing the importance of warming up and stretching, and then goes on to demonstrate three different drills that she likes to use to help pitchers get loose.

The first drill is called “Hug Yourself”, which involves alternating which arm is above your head and hugging yourself. The coach explains that this drill is great for stretching, getting your heart rate up, and feeling warm.

The second drill is called “High Five Low Five”, which involves flipping your hands and high-fiving yourself above and below your waist. The coach explains that this drill is good for getting those little muscles triggered and fired up in your shoulder.

The third drill involves a long sock and a softball, and the coach shows how to create a windmill motion with the ball in the sock. This drill is meant to help pitchers get their arm going and feel the motion of the pitch without actually throwing the ball.

The video includes four additional warmup drills for softball.

Throughout the demonstration, the coach emphasizes the importance of staying on the power line, which involves keeping your toe, knee, and shoulder in line with each other.

She explains that this will give pitchers the most energy and power they can get. She also talks about the importance of having a strong, sturdy bend in your knees and staying consistent with your stance.

Overall, the video offers some simple, yet effective pitching drills that coaches can use to help their players get ready for a game or practice. The coach’s emphasis on proper mechanics and staying on the power line can also help players develop good habits and prevent injury.

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