Tracking a Ball Hit to the Outfield in Softball

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This video provides an overview of the proper techniques for tracking a ball hit to the outfield in softball. The instructor emphasizes the importance of having a good drop step, which involves stepping back with the appropriate foot depending on where the ball is hit. The first step should always be back and the glove should be tucked while running.

When tracking the ball, it is essential not to turn your back to the ball, and the shoulders should stay open to the ball at all times. If the wind takes the ball in the opposite direction of where the player drop stepped, a quick maneuver can be used to readjust.

This involves a stutter step and turning towards the ball’s new direction by opening the chest to the ball. Alternatively, the player can quickly tuck their chin to the opposite shoulder and turn their entire body towards the ball’s new direction, although this technique momentarily turns their back to the ball.

To practice these techniques, a quick drill can be done with a partner, where they raise the ball and point it to the left, right, or straight up, and the player drop steps and sprints back, keeping their eyes on the ball. The partner then throws the ball in the opposite direction, and the player uses the appropriate technique to readjust.

In summary, the proper techniques for tracking a ball hit to the outfield include having a good drop step, keeping the shoulders open to the ball, and using quick maneuvers to readjust if necessary.

By practicing these techniques, outfielders can become more effective and reliable in catching fly balls.

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