How to Bunt a Softball

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This video is an instructional guide on bunting techniques for softball players. The instructor first provides an overview of the proper stance, emphasizing the importance of consistency in foot placement, turning the feet towards the pitcher, and bending at the knees.

The instructor then explains the proper grip, with the dominant hand pinching behind the handle and the non-dominant hand in its usual position. The instructor demonstrates the proper position of the bat, which should be held with the barrel slightly higher than the hands to allow for a downward bunt.

The instructor also gives advice on how to adjust to pitches that are not ideal for bunting, instructing players to bend at the knees rather than dropping the barrel if a pitch is low.

The instructor goes on to demonstrate the bunting technique for slappers, with the key difference being that the player is running towards the pitcher, and the barrel must be out in front of the player before stepping with the left leg.

The instructor emphasizes the importance of bending the knees and hitting the top half of the ball so that it dies in front of the plate.

Finally, the instructor provides a drill for players to practice their bunting skills. Players are instructed to practice using their dominant hand only, allowing the ball to travel to the bat rather than reaching out with the barrel.

Overall, the instructor provides a comprehensive guide to bunting, emphasizing the importance of technique and consistency in stance and grip.

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