Infield Drill for Softball to Work on Footwork and Direction

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In this video, the instructor is demonstrating an infielder drill that focuses on quick feet and timing.

The drill involves setting up a line of cones or pipes and starting on one side with the glove out. The goal is to lead with the left foot, hop over to the other side, and lead with the right foot on the way back.

The instructor emphasizes the importance of staying light and quick on the feet and keeping the glove out to control it better. The drill also works on timing, where the infielder needs to feel the ground ball as they hit their left foot and make a fluid throw.

The instructor emphasizes the significance of quick feet for infielders, even if they have an excellent glove. They must have a fluid and quick movement to get to the ball, make a throw, and avoid getting caught in between. The drill is useful for anyone who wants to improve their timing and quickness on the field.

The instructor suggests having a coach or teammate roll the ball to make the drill even more effective.

Overall, this is a concise and straightforward demonstration of a drill that can help infielders improve their game.

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