Softball Drills for Catchers

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The video is about drills used by LSU softball catchers that can be helpful for all catchers, including youth catchers.

The drills focus on receiving low pitches, which is one of the hardest pitches to catch successfully.

The first drill involves the catcher starting with the glove on the ground and working up into the catch. The goal is to catch everything back towards the strike zone, and the emphasis is on working under the ball and catching it as it is worked back up into the strike zone.

Another way catchers are doing this is by starting with a low target and then bringing the glove back up. Catchers can also start right on the ground and work up. The key is to avoid catching the ball too high and pushing it out of the strike zone.

The video also features other drills that help catchers work on their timing and receiving skills. There are drills where the catcher has to beat the ball to a specific spot and work the ball back up towards the strike zone.

Another drill involves working with an eye patch on both right and left eyes, which helps improve the catcher’s ability to focus on the ball.

Throughout the drills, there is always another catcher acting as the umpire, giving feedback to the catcher. This feedback is essential in helping the catcher make adjustments and improve their receiving skills.

Overall, the video provides valuable insight into the techniques used by LSU softball catchers to improve their receiving skills.

The drills can be helpful for all catchers, especially youth catchers who are just starting.

By working on these drills, catchers can improve their ability to receive low pitches and become more effective at their position.

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