A Great Bunting Drill for Softball

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In this video, the instructor demonstrates a bunting drill for softball players. The instructor first discusses the proper way to hold the bat, with the thumb and index finger behind the bat, and the top hand strong and controlling the barrel.

The goal is to hit the ball on the end of the barrel, which is the dead spot, and make contact on top of the ball so that it drops straight down. The instructor emphasizes that when squaring up, players should have their legs nice and bent, and strong, with the barrel a little bit higher than the hands.

The bunting drill involves setting up two buckets, one towards the third base side and one towards the first base side. The goal is to hit the ball and have it drop into the bucket. The instructor shows how to aim for the bucket, turn the barrel a little bit, and hit the ball on top so that it drops straight down.

This drill is specifically for bunting for a base hit, as opposed to a sacrifice bunt, where the goal is simply to get the ball down.

The instructor also demonstrates a drive bunt from the left side, which involves taking a crossover step and making contact while continuing towards first base. The goal is the same, to hit the ball on top and make it drop straight down.

Overall, the bunting drill is a great way for softball players to practice their bunting technique and aim, and to make sure they are properly squared up and holding the bat correctly.

The instructor emphasizes the importance of being in the legs and having a strong top hand, as well as hitting the ball on the end of the barrel and on top to make it drop straight down. This drill can be customized by moving the buckets around to add some fun and variety.

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