Drills for Indoor Softball Practices

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The video is a tutorial that shows how to use a drill to improve quick feet, speed, agility, and fielding skills.

The drill can be used for indoor training, off-season training, or outdoor training on a diamond.

The required equipment includes ten hurdles and two pylons. The drill is set up with five hurdles arranged in a line and two pylons marking the start and finish.

Coaches or helpers stand on either side of the hurdles with buckets containing balls.

Two groups of players line up behind the hurdles, with one group facing left and the other group facing right. The players jump over the hurdles using high knees and quick feet.

After they jump over the hurdles, the coach throws a slow roller, and the players field it while staying low. Then, they toss the ball to the coach and run around the pylon.

The coach throws a fly ball, and the players catch it. The progression of the drill includes catching the ball on the forehand or backhand and then catching the ball after it bounces or as a line drive.

The players switch sides after completing one round. The drill improves footwork, hand-eye coordination, and overall fielding skills.

The tutorial provides a clear and concise explanation of how to set up the drill and execute each step. It also emphasizes the importance of staying low while fielding and using quick feet to improve agility.

Overall, the drill is an effective way to train players on a variety of fielding skills and to improve their overall athletic ability.

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