One Knee Throwing Drill for Softball

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In this video, a coach shares an activity to improve proper throwing mechanics and strengthen the ability to make a strong throw.

The activity is called “One Knee Throw” and involves throwing a ball while kneeling on one knee. The coach suggests working with a partner or a net to practice the proper throwing technique, which includes the thumb to thigh circle, extending the elbow, and following through.

This activity is particularly useful for focusing on the follow-through, as the thrower can make a throwing motion across their knee. The coach emphasizes the importance of following through properly, as it is a critical element of throwing mechanics that many young players may not have mastered.

By practicing this activity, players can learn to throw more accurately and with greater power. The coach demonstrates the proper technique while kneeling on one knee and stepping forward, emphasizing the importance of ending the throw with the arm across the leg.

The coach encourages players to keep working at it and perfecting their throwing mechanics to become a standout star on the softball field.

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