The video is about pitching drills that can help players warm up and get ready for a practice or a game. The coach starts by emphasizing the importance of warming up and stretching, and then goes on to demonstrate three different drills that she likes to use to help pitchers get loose. The first drill is called “Hug Yourself”, which involves alternating which arm is above your head and hugging yourself. The coach explains that this drill is great for stretching, getting your heart rate up, and feeling warm. The second drill is called “High Five Low Five”, which involves [More]
In this video, the instructor demonstrates a bunting drill for softball players. The instructor first discusses the proper way to hold the bat, with the thumb and index finger behind the bat, and the top hand strong and controlling the barrel. The goal is to hit the ball on the end of the barrel, which is the dead spot, and make contact on top of the ball so that it drops straight down. The instructor emphasizes that when squaring up, players should have their legs nice and bent, and strong, with the barrel a little bit higher than the hands. [More]
This video provides an overview of the proper techniques for tracking a ball hit to the outfield in softball. The instructor emphasizes the importance of having a good drop step, which involves stepping back with the appropriate foot depending on where the ball is hit. The first step should always be back and the glove should be tucked while running. When tracking the ball, it is essential not to turn your back to the ball, and the shoulders should stay open to the ball at all times. If the wind takes the ball in the opposite direction of where the [More]
In this video, the instructor is demonstrating an infielder drill that focuses on quick feet and timing. The drill involves setting up a line of cones or pipes and starting on one side with the glove out. The goal is to lead with the left foot, hop over to the other side, and lead with the right foot on the way back. The instructor emphasizes the importance of staying light and quick on the feet and keeping the glove out to control it better. The drill also works on timing, where the infielder needs to feel the ground ball as [More]
This is a softball training video presented by Megan Remblack on her YouTube channel, Magram Softball. Megan provides a step-by-step guide on how to perform different softball drills to improve hitting techniques. The first drill Megan introduces is called Happy Gilmore. She explains that the player should place the tee far from the home base and step with the back foot in front of the front foot while maintaining balance in the legs. She emphasizes the importance of staying in the legs while performing the slow swing. Megan then moves on to the second drill, where the player needs to [More]
In this video, a coach shares an activity to improve proper throwing mechanics and strengthen the ability to make a strong throw. The activity is called “One Knee Throw” and involves throwing a ball while kneeling on one knee. The coach suggests working with a partner or a net to practice the proper throwing technique, which includes the thumb to thigh circle, extending the elbow, and following through. This activity is particularly useful for focusing on the follow-through, as the thrower can make a throwing motion across their knee. The coach emphasizes the importance of following through properly, as it [More]
The video is a tutorial that shows how to use a drill to improve quick feet, speed, agility, and fielding skills. The drill can be used for indoor training, off-season training, or outdoor training on a diamond. The required equipment includes ten hurdles and two pylons. The drill is set up with five hurdles arranged in a line and two pylons marking the start and finish. Coaches or helpers stand on either side of the hurdles with buckets containing balls. Two groups of players line up behind the hurdles, with one group facing left and the other group facing right. [More]
The video is about drills used by LSU softball catchers that can be helpful for all catchers, including youth catchers. The drills focus on receiving low pitches, which is one of the hardest pitches to catch successfully. The first drill involves the catcher starting with the glove on the ground and working up into the catch. The goal is to catch everything back towards the strike zone, and the emphasis is on working under the ball and catching it as it is worked back up into the strike zone. Another way catchers are doing this is by starting with a [More]
The video features a softball tutorial by Megan Remblack. Megan Remblack is teaching two drills, Catching Over The Shoulder and Drop Step. The first drill is focused on catching over the shoulder, and Megan demonstrates it through a progression drill starting on her knees. She stresses the importance of catching high to be able to reach far when catching the ball. The next part of the progression drill involves pumping the arms in the glove, turning around to look at the coach or partner who will lob the ball over Megan’s left and right shoulders, and catching it at the [More]