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In this video, the instructor is demonstrating an infielder drill that focuses on quick feet and timing. The drill involves setting up a line of cones or pipes and starting on one side with the glove out. The goal is to lead with the left foot, hop over to the other side, and lead with the right foot on the way back. The instructor emphasizes the importance of staying light and quick on the feet and keeping the glove out to control it better. The drill also works on timing, where the infielder needs to feel the ground ball as [More]
The video is a tutorial that shows how to use a drill to improve quick feet, speed, agility, and fielding skills. The drill can be used for indoor training, off-season training, or outdoor training on a diamond. The required equipment includes ten hurdles and two pylons. The drill is set up with five hurdles arranged in a line and two pylons marking the start and finish. Coaches or helpers stand on either side of the hurdles with buckets containing balls. Two groups of players line up behind the hurdles, with one group facing left and the other group facing right. [More]
Simple three player throwing drill emphasizes quick catch and throw that simulates throws that are made in game situations.
This drill works on soft hands and incorporates the double play toss which infielders and outfielders should use at some point in a game.
Nice collection of drills for hitting indoors. One hand drills works each hand separately using a hitting stick and small wiffle balls. My personal favorite is the hitting a wiffle ball on a wiffle ball drill. Make sure to haveĀ appropriate size bats available for smaller girls.
Nice breakdown of “old-fashioned” pepper drill. Teaches batter to look the ball in and allows defensive players lots of fielding opportunities. This is a good drill for pre-game also.
Work on defensive fundamentals indoors. Excellent communication drill to help get your players talking.
If you don’t have the luxury of living in California, Florida or other warm places, your team will probably have to take it indoors for winter practices. In this video, Jordan Stevens, head coach of Valpo University’s softball team presents their indoor practice drills.