Drop Step Catching Over the Shoulder Outfield Drills

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The video features a softball tutorial by Megan Remblack. Megan Remblack is teaching two drills, Catching Over The Shoulder and Drop Step.

The first drill is focused on catching over the shoulder, and Megan demonstrates it through a progression drill starting on her knees. She stresses the importance of catching high to be able to reach far when catching the ball.

The next part of the progression drill involves pumping the arms in the glove, turning around to look at the coach or partner who will lob the ball over Megan’s left and right shoulders, and catching it at the last moment.

Megan then shows how to perform the drill while standing and pumping the arms. After demonstrating the standing drill, she moves on to the third part of the progression drill, which involves taking two to three steps to catch the ball.

Megan then moves on to the second drill, which is the Drop Step drill.

Megan sets up three buckets, and the obstacle course can be adjusted according to the player’s preferences.

Megan then demonstrates how to take a hard drop step and jump over the hurdle. She emphasizes that it is essential to have a deep, hard drop step when tracking the ball down.

Megan then concludes the tutorial by demonstrating how to take four to five steps before taking off to catch the ball.

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