How to Have a Dynamic Fastpitch Softball Practice

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When your team is focusing on softball hitting, you want to do your best to have as many players hitting at one time. The above video addresses this topic.

This video first shows an example of a typical boring practice. For the first twenty seconds, you’ll just observe…does it looks like your type of practice?

Instead of having twelve girls standing around, only one girl hitting, and the coach trying to pitch at the speed the hitters are used to, amp up your practice to allow all of your players participate in various drills.

After watching a boring practice, you’ll see an example of practice using softball hitting stations. With this approach to practice, you’ll get a much greater amount of hitters practicing at one time, and each hitter will be able to execute more swings.

During each session of softball hitting, the hitter should emphasize certain aspects of hitting—things that improve their power or technique.

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