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The video is about drills used by LSU softball catchers that can be helpful for all catchers, including youth catchers. The drills focus on receiving low pitches, which is one of the hardest pitches to catch successfully. The first drill involves the catcher starting with the glove on the ground and working up into the catch. The goal is to catch everything back towards the strike zone, and the emphasis is on working under the ball and catching it as it is worked back up into the strike zone. Another way catchers are doing this is by starting with a [More]
A team’s defense is not complete until infield bunt defense is perfected. In most bunt defense situations the 3rd baseman has priority over who will get the ball. the 1st baseman, 3rd baseman, and pitcher are not the only infielders involved in bunt defense procedures. The 2nd baseman should also be yelling where the ball is going to based on the angle of the bat and where the pitch is leading to.