Softball Baserunning Instructional Video

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This is a video of a coaching session with Mike Candrea, the head softball coach of the women’s Olympic softball team, on the topic of baserunning. Candrea starts by stating that there are two keys to a good offensive player – the ability to swing the bat and the ability to run the bases. He emphasizes that being smart and knowing how to run bases properly is just as important as being quick.

Candrea then proceeds to discuss baserunning techniques, beginning at home plate, and moving on to each base, including the different leads and responsibilities at each base. When running through the bag at first, Candrea emphasizes hitting the front part of the bag and glancing to the right as any overthrows are likely to occur on that side of the field. Runners are encouraged to run hard through the bag, to be fluid and not chop their steps, and to run 65 feet instead of 60 feet.

In the case of a ball hit to the outfield, runners are instructed to run straight toward the coach, drop their left shoulder, and make a good aggressive turn touching the inside part of the bag with either their left or right foot. The runner should then get off the bag as far as possible, and lower their center of gravity to transfer their weight back to first base. Runners are advised to open up to the position of the outfield when a ball is hit to left or center field, and plant and get back, working the outside part of the bag. In the case of a ball hit to right field, the runner should shorten their turn and open up towards right field.

Candrea concludes the session by reviewing the techniques of baserunning from home plate to first base. There are two types of turns to be taken – one on a ball hit to an infielder where runners need to run through the bag, and the second on any ball that goes to the outfield, where runners should run a direct route from the batter’s box to a point, lower their inside shoulder, make a good sharp turn using either their left or right foot on the inside corner of the bag, and then get off as far as possible, lowering their center of gravity before planting and getting back, working the outside part of the bag.

Lastly, Candrea discusses the two types of leads at first – a one-way lead and a two-way lead. The former is when runners know they are stealing or there’s a hit-and-run on, and they know they’re going to second base. The latter is a lead that runners take when they don’t know what’s going to happen next. In this case, runners need to be able to read the pitcher’s movements and react accordingly.

Overall, Candrea provides an in-depth coaching session on baserunning techniques that can help players become a great asset to any team if they are smart and understand how to run bases properly.

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