Fastpitch Softball Common Pitching Problems

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During the above video, we’re going to talk about some troubleshooting you can take on with regards to softball pitching.

One thing you see a lot of with pitchers is that they don’t get their arm circle in the right position. This means that you don’t see them getting their arm tight by their ear, reaching tall at the top, and getting nice and tight by the body.

If you have a pitcher who doesn’t have a good arm circle, there are two things you can do with them. First, you can have them, before they pitch, work on pointing toward their catcher and then get set and force their arm to get back in that pointing position.

Also, if they tend to get their arm out away from the body, you can have them do softball pitching drills up against a wall, which will force them to get their arm nice and tight.

One of the most important components of softball pitching is having a nice, full arm circle—not having too much bend in the elbow and not having the arm get too far away from the body.

The other thing you’ll see a lot with young pitchers is that they’ll be bent at the waist. You can use your arm or a wooden pole, and as the pitcher’s throwing, stand slightly in front of them at their glove arm, and hold your arm (or pole) out.

The goal is for them to avoid hitting your hand or the pole with their forehead. Your hand/pole acts as a reminder to not allow their upper body to lead during the pitch.

Will you be able to utilize some of these softball pitching troubleshooting tips? Share your experiences and thoughts in the comments section below!

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