How to Catch a Fly Ball – Great Tips for Softball and Baseball Outfielders

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In this video, Coach Justin from Ultimate Baseball Training provides tips for catching a fly ball in baseball. The techniques described are great for softball outfielders too.

He explains that looking into the hitting zone is essential to improve the jumps on the baseball. Players need to recognize the ball coming towards them quickly rather than following the pitcher’s arm circle.

The coach then explains the importance of getting a good drop step to avoid wasted movement, making sure the player opens their hips to gain ground.

To further improve their skills, outfielders need to beat the ball to the spot by sprinting towards it, even if it’s a routine fly ball, as it can lead to better fielding positions and stronger throws.

Coach Justin suggests an outfield drill where a coach can lay down a bat and point in different directions to work on drop steps.

By following these tips, players can improve their fielding skills and overall outfield play. The coach finishes with a fun drill to work on all outfield skills at once, which can be done with a few teammates.

This video is beneficial for players who have been playing outfield for their entire career, as well as younger players who are new to the position.

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