How to Catch a Baseball or Softball for Beginners

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In this video, the presenter is demonstrating how to catch a softball for beginners. She explains that beginners often struggle with which way to turn their glove when the ball is thrown in different directions, and they may also be intimidated when the ball is coming at them.

To help beginners overcome these challenges, the presenter shows a few progression drills that start with catching soft and small objects like tennis balls and gradually move up to catching an actual softball being thrown from a distance.

The first step is to teach beginners how to turn their glove. The presenter demonstrates how to turn the glove in different directions depending on the direction of the ball. For example, if the ball is to the right, the fingers of the glove should be pointing to the right.

If the ball is above the waist, the fingers should be pointing up. If the ball is below the belly button, the fingers should be pointing down towards the ground.

The presenter suggests starting with easy tosses of soft objects like tennis balls to get beginners comfortable with catching the ball. Once they are comfortable with this, they can move on to catching the ball with a flat glove, which will give them a glove-like feel.

The presenter recommends tapping the ball in the middle of the glove and moving it around to different directions, so beginners can work on turning their glove in the right direction.

Finally, when beginners feel comfortable with catching the ball using a flat glove, they can move on to catching an actual softball being thrown at them. However, the presenter advises against throwing the ball too hard and recommends starting with underhand tosses.

Additionally, if beginners are still intimidated, the presenter suggests putting something around them or behind them to prevent them from moving away from the ball.

Overall, this video provides a helpful overview of catching a softball for beginners, offering step-by-step progression drills to help them develop the skills needed to feel confident in catching a softball.

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