Fastpitch Softball Two Strike Stance Drill

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During the above video, you’ll learn about the importance of the two strike stance and about a softball drill great for getting your players comfortable and ready for this type of situation.

The two strike stance is one that you use in a game situation where the batter has two strikes. We want the hitter to feel comfortable in that situation knowing that they open their zone a little bit, they widen their stance, and they shorten their swing.

We practice this softball drill every day at practice so that the players are comfortable in that two strike situation. It’s important that you master and have the mentality that a two strike stance is one that will make you feel comfortable.

The two strike stance has to cover a lot of the plate—you’re swinging at anything that’s close when you have two strikes.

Hitting is so mental, and when you have two strikes, it’s important that you can rely on this softball drill.

During this softball drill, your hitters will work on their two strike stance. The pitcher will throw the ball all over the place, not focusing on one particular area.

When you have two strikes, you have to be confident when you step into the box. You never want to go down looking at a pitch. Once you master this with a bigger zone, you’ll feel very confident come game day.

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