11 Great Drills for Softball or Baseball Beginners

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This training video is about a series of games that can be played to improve hand-eye coordination and other fundamental baseball/softball skills.

The games are designed to develop skills in a safe and fun environment. Players are encouraged to challenge themselves to improve their skills and beat their personal best.

Players need to spread out at a safe distance from each other during the games. All the games involve the use of a ball and glove.

Even though the title of the video is 10 Best Softball Drills for Beginners, there are actually eleven games, so you get a bonus game!

Here are the games in the video:

1. Selfies is a game where players throw the ball to themselves and practice catching it, with the goal of improving hand-eye coordination.

2. Alligator Traps is a game where players line up, and a ground ball is rolled to the first player who must field it with both hands like an alligator eating its dinner before throwing it back to the coach.

3. Up Top Down Low involves pairs of players throwing pop-ups to each other in a high-five position for high throws and a low-five position for low throws.

4. Tee Time involves batters and feeders working in pairs in a batting cage to improve their swing without the pressure of pitch recognition and selection.

5. The next game mentioned is called Lazy Catch, where players get down on both knees without resting on their heels and place the fingertips of their gloves on the ground as the coach rolls a grounder to them.

6. Grab Bag is a game where players alternate catching bare-handed grounders and pop-ups.

7. Basepath Relay is a game where players race around the diamond in a relay.

8. Pitcher’s Poison is a game where the group is divided into two teams, with one team playing defense and the other team batting. All the defense needs to do to get an out is to throw the ball back to the pitcher before the runner gets on base.

9. Cleanup Crew involves dividing the group into two teams and creating two adjoining rectangles, one in the infield dirt and the other in the outfield grass, with an equal number of practice balls in each.

10. Blast Ball is a low-stakes scrimmage for beginners to get comfortable on the field, with one group up at bat and the other in the field.

11. No Strikeouts, each hitter keeps swinging until they make contact.

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